>I went down to Mike’s shop at Fook Hai Buiding to pick up the CNC ready Rotary Table late morning today.  The stuff is heavy!  Rushed back home almost immediately to set it up for the job at hand.

The test went on fine with the RT responding to the xbox controller.

While I was calling Mike to find out how I should mount it to the titling angle plate, this heavy chuck, made heavier with the stepper motor installed dropped!  It landed on the handwheel, creating quite a deep hole in the parquet floor.  Good that the RT is not damaged or dented but…. my feet was bleeding…. thank God, its just a scratch.  I should use some common sense…

The RT mounted on the Angle Tilting Plate fastened to the table of the mill.  I mounted the 3-jaw chuck to the RT with the supplied adapter.  In my excitement, I missed out taking pics of the drilling of the 3 holes…
Actually, I drilled more than 3 holes…
I mistook the 2 holes for holding the die in place are 30 degrees from the center hole.  I was wrong.  The should be 45 degree from center.
The next thing I did was learned from Luiz Ally (Tryally); I tap the 10″-32 holes using a cordless hand drill.  It was so much faster than the other methods I tried.  Spindle speed was set low.  But I’ll only dare to do this for through holes in aluminium.
The 3 10″-32 screws were up next.  The one for the center hole was turned to a point while the other 2 were rounded to match the dimples on the die.
Done and mounted to the tailstock.  I’m ready to cut the threads.
Strange… I couldn’t seem to start the cut.  The diameter seem a little too big.  So the portion to be threaded was turned down a little more and now it threaded alright.
But… now it is too small for the snap bolt.  Got to saw it off and start over.
For the fun of it, I loctite the parts together.  The spring in the snap bolt has to be shortened to have the stainless steel rod seated properly and to allow the snap bolt to be pulled back.
To close off today’s post, a short video of the RT while I was playin with it is presented: