I was introduced to Chan Man Lee Trading Company Ltd by Trevor Rymell through the help of Andyf of Madmodder.net.  Mr Rymell works in Singapore and Chan Man Lee has been his source of milling tools.  I’ve not have a chance to communicate with Mr Rymell.
Met up with Terence yesterday late afternoon for laksa in Kelantan area.  I was feeling hungry while rushing to clear my paperwork and wanted also to buy roughing endmills to see if I can speed up milling in steel (for the flycutter).  Terence was searching for straight shank slitting saw arbor.
The first shop we went only has the rougher endmill I need.  Bought a piece of 10mm diameter.  It is from Osborne and cost me SGD65.  We popped over to Chan Man Lee where I bought the dovetail cutter and some countersunk tools previously when I was making the QCTH.  We had such a good time there.
Not only they’ve what we need, the prices are much sweeter than the previous shop with the “Stanley” signage.  I bought 2 more roughing endmills (both HSS) and while leaving the shop, saw what I’ve been searching high and low for locally – toolmaker clamp!!!  Bought a pair with 38mm opening of British origin.
We were happy as we are getting dealer’s price which is 30% off list!  Not only that, the guys there are friendly and accommodating.  They don’t mind taking out the items we enquired to show us but ended up not buying.  The person attended to us even tpld us to come on Saturday where it is usually quieter so that he can bring us around his store to show us what they have.  Sounds like a road trip for the SherlineSG group.  Guys, what do you think?  Should we plan for our 2nd meet up with a tour of Chan Man Lee?
Oh… before I forgot and rush to prepare to go for my duty at Cabana.  The contact details of this fantastic shop:

Chan Man Lee Trading Co., Pte Ltd
75 Rowell Road
Singapore 208011
Tel: +65 6294 6338
Fax: +65 6291 4692
Email: cmltc@singnet.com.sg

They’ve a web page at www.chanmanlee.com.  Heard that they also have a shop over at Ubi.  Maybe Terence can chip in here for the address.