>After much measuring, adjusting, and tweaking, I’ve finally gotten all the components in the 3D model to line up properly.  I realized that I do not need the extra piece used in Tang Kee’s plan for the motor mount as my A axis bed is the 15″ version, about 4″ longer than the stock which Tang Kee uses.  The only one part which I’m not confident about when transfering its dimensions and hole locations is the Rotating Disk (colored red in the model below).  Seems a bit wrong visually comparing with the machine.

Several hole locations were taken from Graham’s plan.  The dimensions provided in his plan work with the hardware I have, tested during my previous attempt in the same mod.

Hope I have some time to start at least with the nut holder after polling today.  Let’s see…

The completed model

Back View

Something interesting from my friend, Chris the Tree Wizard.

Mr Lee, Chris’ idol, and now his backpack.

Another of Chris’ work made into a backpack for storage of his iPhone, keys etc.