>The idea came when I was preparing to go work this morning. To minimize flex in tool, the grooving insert should do the trick. For the deflection in the job when applying the part off blade,I can start the job with the grooving done first when the stock is still at 6mm dia. Instead of cutting them at radius of 0.2mm, I’ll just cut 2pm more. Once the grooves are done, the stock will be turned down to the required 4mm. The problem I can see using this workflow is the lost of the reference point (think it’s called datum. But I’m not sure). This can be easily solved by using one end of the stock to start counting from.

What I’m going to do also is to use Mach3 with the stepper motors to help in positioning of the first groove, power them off and turn from there. Should work. I’ll give it a shot.

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