>The grooving insert and holder I order from Mike will not reach me for another week or 2. Itching to do some work, I spent some time grinding my own using 1/4″ HSS tool.

I want the width to be about 1mm or slightly less. The cutting depth will not be long to reduce the chance of flexing during cut.

The shape wasn’t what I want but that’s the best I can get from my grinder. You can see the business end sloped towards the shank, which will likely cause the groove to open up.

An idea come to my mind while trying to solve this: use the grinding stone with the Dremel rotary tool.

This gave a tight corner, allowing the 2 sides to be parallel (or almost).

The cutting width achieved: 0.95mm. Proper clearance were provided. It cuts really well without chatter.

The grooves completed. Next was to turn this segment down to 4mm.

This is my best piece thus far.

If you have not notice, the QCTP used is Sherline’s. Adjustments is easier as the tool didn’t move up when tightening. The tool post came with a hold down to prevent rotation during cut. A good investment.

I’m out for family dinner at time of writing this post. Hope to complete a few pieces of the axles, assemble the mill, tram it, and cut the flat. A tall order given the little time when I get home. Wouldn’t be starting up late tonight as I’ll be going church the next day; first service after 2 months…

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