It seems that I’ve not live through a session without having some problems for a long while. Hope that’s just part and parcel of learning.

I started the morning session figuring out what is causing the stiffness in turn with the handwheels after installing the DRO housing. While removing the cross slide’s motor, this happened:

The motor shaft was stuck in the coupler. Wiggling it out caused the coupler to bend out of shape.

I rushed down to Mike’s place to quickly get a replacement. Along with it, I bought several other things (thicker slitting saw, 2 saw blades for the Proxxon mitre saw, and T-slot cutter). Don’t understand why I have to left his shop blowing holes here and there in my pocket… He must have black magic applied to his door…

Anyway, when I got home late night, I saw that there were burrs and chips in the slots if the coupler:

Bad bad Sherline. Sloppy work. No problem there, I clean up the slots with a used and blunt slitting saw blade.

I continued my investigation on the stiff hand wheel and finally able to ease off the stiffness on cross slide. Few things were done. First, slight loosening of the gib. 2nd, easing the preload nut, and lastly, making sure the handwheel set screw bite onto the motor shaft properly. Now, turning the handwheel is easier without the DRO housing on. With that on, the stiffness appeared. I’ll have to look somemore to figure out what’s rubbing against the handwheel causing this.

Too late to do anything meaningful on the lathe at 3am, I took out the wire mesh bought from Daiso to fasten it with cable ties on the window grill. Now I’ve more storage space!

With the accessories on:

Cool!!! I’ll stop here. Will be looking for a new base to place my lathe on. No more particle board. It should be a wide piece to allow the mounting of the lamp and DRO display but shorter than what I’m using so that the handwheel for Z axis is hanging off the edge for easy turning.

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