I was extra careful this time in my preparation. The idea is to work from the 100mm square aluminum stock directly without cutting to size first. The only thing I did to the plate was to square off 2 sides as reference and drill 4 mounting holes. For the fun of it, I painted the top face with a red felt tip marker and marked out the features required. The markings will only serve as a guide, as how close I can cut depends on how aligned the stock is to the axes of the mill.

The mounting holes will be used to mount the plate to a block of wood. After the first screw, I indicated the reference side to the x axis.

After having it along x, the rest of the holes were used to fasten the plate down. The tightening of the screws moved the stock quite a bit but since I’ve sufficient material to work on, I didn’t bother to redo the alignment. Only 3 screws were used as I’ve only 5 of such on hand. The other 2 will be for the inside piece.

The drilling routine was executed for the 4x5mm and 2xM5 holes. The 2 pan head screws were used to hold down the part during the profiling job.

The profiling job up next.

WD40 was used as coolant, creating the mess on the wall behind the mill.

And finally,

I like the cut out stock… Looks like some sort of stencil…

The part, standing proud.

A short clip taken during the profiling job:

What’s left to do on this are tge facing of the stock to 6.5mm and tapping of the M5 threads.

I’ll be starting on the 2 side plates in my next session.

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