Before I start writing about the session I just completed on the locking lever, I would like to show off the Nano-Tram I just received.

The Nano-Tram was purchased to help me in squaring up my 2 Sherline mills to save shop time.  Like most stuff I bought from US vendors, it came rather well packed to protect parts that are critical to squaring up the mills.  I played with it for a while this morning to get the manual and CNC mills squared up as I am preparing to re-start some projects, including the completion of the A2Z leadscrew conversion for the Z axis (of the CNC mill).  It only took me about 15 mins to get both done but I’ve not tested them to see how square they really are with the Nano-Tram.  This will be done before I start the other projects.

Meanwhile, some pics on the items I bought:

The Nano-Tram is the one at the top right (in yellow). Going anti-clockwise we’ve the LMS thin parallels (much better set than the Sherline’s. Measured them using my Mitutoyo Micrometer.  Good stuff for the price), the 6″ Hermaphrodite Caliper for laying out, and the SpillMaster container).

I’ve another 2 parcels that supposed to come in at the same time with these but VPost seems not to be able to get their act together.  They claimed that they made 2 attempts to deliver the parcels to my office but none in the office receive any delivery notes for the failed attempts nor notice any VPost fella trying to do the delivery.  From the tracking screen, the first attempt was made on Jan 2, at about 8pm.  If I know that they deliver after office hours, I would have given them my home address instead.  The second attempt was made around noon on the 4th.  I received a call while I was meeting a client in the office’s meeting room but didn’t answer it (I don’t usually answer calls during meetings as a respect to my clients).  When I called back about half an hour later, a rude fella told me that he tried delivering the items but there was no one answering the door.  That is really strange as I’ve at least 5 colleagues around during that time.  No one hear the door bell ringing and saw no one on the CCTV.  Best of all, no delivery advice was received for the 2 failed attempts.  I made a call to VPost and after trying to get the lady on the line to understand what I’m talking about, she promised a re-delivery on Friday (Jan 6) before 1pm.  I was in the office till 12.30pm before leaving for my appointments.  Let’s see if the 2 boxes are on my table on Monday.  I’m looking out for another company to use for consolidation of purchases in US.  Let me know if you know of any company that does the same thing as VPost.

Ok, done with my rant, some shots showing the Nano-Tram in use:

On my manual 5410 mill.
The 2010 CNC mill finally re-assembled.  I ws waiting for the Nano-Tram to put it back together.