Managed to get some work done during my waking moment on Saturday, in between medication.

A piece of stainless steel leftover from another project for a friend was used. Only a short length required. It was turned down to 5.01mm and sand down to 5mm – just to see if this helps in getting the accuracy when required. It works!

After settling for 5mm diameter for the short rod to be used to turn the bolt, I put the “Wongster” bolt into the vise and touch its edge with the edge finder. The Proxxon edge finder has a tip of 0.20″ diameter, or 5.08mm. After finding the edge, a total of 9.04mm was moved (1/2 of the 13mm dia of screw cap + 1/2 of 5.08mm). Being a round surface that I’m drilling into, I chose to centre drill before drilling with the 5mm drill.

Test fitting. Too loose. The hole is slightly oversized. Why am I not surprised… Anyway, this is not a precise part, the Loctite will do the job of holding the 2 together.

Done, in it’s locked position.

Just a little is required to unlock the tailstock to slide smoothly. No more reaching out for the hex key…

Just a preview on what I started:

This is not the real thing; just a test piece in plywood for the plate of the Skeleton Wall Clock. The real thing will be in brass and a little bigger. Both BurrMan & GeneK helped me in getting the template from the book into BobCad – a task I’m not up to. Thanks guys!!!

Hope to start work soon.

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