I popped over to Mike’s shop to at Fook Hai Building to pick up the independent 4-jaw chuck and the centre turning accessories ordered through him. As usual, I had some fun chatting with him and picked up some idea on the workholding.
I looked at the chuck and was a little disappointed with what I saw. From an untrained eyes’ prospective, it doesn’t look as well built as the 3-jaw Rohm chuck supplied with the lathe. The little piece of instruction manual in the box is all in German. That had me wonder, are they interested at all to sell their products outside Germany?
Here’s a pic:

The centre turning accessories looks as expected except some little chip or dent mark. No big deal there.

Mike is a funny guy. When I text him asking if the order is ready for collection, he forwarded me this pic:

But when I reached there, in less than an hour’s time, only the carcass of the box remains.
After playing with the lathe for about a month, I’m wondering if there is a mill in the same size category… Better stop thinking, bad for the wallet.

By the way, anyone can help translate this? It should be the technical data of the chuck.

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