I was kept out of the shop today though I’ve quite a few things to try out.  My little Ruth is having a fever that went off after medication but came back up a few hours later.  Her mommy was out to transport an elderly person to church and her elder sister, Alicia, was stuck with her activities on the Internet.
Ruth was crying when mommy left home.  So I distracted her with the 2 Mr Bean movies I bought last Sunday after church.  We had fun watching the silly fella.  When she was feeling better, she got restless and wanted to play.  So my right hand was transformed to a snake head attacking her while she fended herself laughing away.  She fell asleep when she got tired and drowsy from the medication. I fell asleep too, tired of being the snake…

If time permits, I’ll do some work tomorrow.  Otherwise, it will be 2 weeks from now – we’ll be going to my dad’s factory in Malaysia next weekend.

I read about a gear making software today, written by Art Fenerty, the creator of Mach3.  From the videos I’ve been watching, it seems a good piece of software for me on learning how to make clocks, especially if it only cost USD75 for a license which I can use on both the computers I’m using for my CNC work.  I’ll start with the demo to see if I’m up to using it.

As I think about it, the more I want to start building my first clock, the skeleton wall clock from W.R. Smith, in acrylic.  If I can put all the parts in my CadCam software, I can mill them out using CNC and put them together to form the clock.  I may be thinking too much about the likely problems I may encounter, like do I need a faster spindle with very small endmills and if the cut length of these small endmills long enough to cut through the thickness of the parts called for in the plan.  There is also concern about the speed and feed of the cut on acrylic, a material I’ve not tried playing with in the mill.  I don’t have proper cooling to keep the endmill cool so that it wouldn’t melt the material.  More research is required.

Anyone with experience in milling acrylic with smallish endmills, please chim in.  Kindly leave your name with your input so that credit can be given when I’ve the post up on the build.

I’m going back to check on Ruth with the thermometer.  Until the next session, be blessed.