Acrylic, or plexiglass, is not a material I often use. I’ve gotten, so far, from Acrylic Centre at Bras Basah to use for partitioning areas of the bench from flying chips. Lately, as I buy more and more stuff for the shop, I started looking at getting a little more organized.

What I’ve in mind is a stand of sort for my ER collets. I’m likely to make 2; one for the ER16’s and one for the ER32’s.

I’ve been hearing about Dama Enterprise from various people, in particular, Terence. He shared about the level of service he experienced when he was at the Ubi Road shop. Staff are courteous and helpful. They serve hot drinks and snacks (FOC) while you browse for the stuff you need and when waiting for your order to be processed. I didn’t go for the food & drinks but I’m still impressed.

I’ve gotten what I need. Next is to do up the gcode. Hope to have the time to do that tonight.

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